Sunday, November 30, 2008

News - Mis-selling of insurance exposed

Original article ‘News - Mis-selling of insurance exposed‘ Financial services firms that sell Payment Car insurance finance Insurance (PPI) have been told they must improve their selling methods.

Research News: Insurance key to cancer longevity

The News: Insurance key to cancer longevity The uninsured are nearly twice as likely to die within five years, a study finds. Health care obstacles are "condemning thousands," an expert says.

Easy insurance for you and your team

Selecting the right insurance policy is the most important step in securing a solid financial future for you and those who are dependent on you.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Employer Provided Insurance

One things I love about my husbands new job is its employee benefit package. Its nice to have one of us in the house that has health insurance and life insurance again. Even though its employer provided its still kind of expensive.

Health insurance!

I'm in the process of moving to NYC, and just accepted a cool job that I'm really excited about. The problem? I'm about to join the uninsured masses, they don't cover any health care for TWO YEARS.

News - A holiday from national insurance

Gary Hull, an employment liberty national insurance company from National insurance crime bureau, says a rise in the uptake of the scheme will mean a higher cost to the Exchequer, but national auto insurance need ‘clarity’ on how they ...

Fact Check: Why The Obama Health Insurance Plan Covers More People ...

TO: Interested Parties FR: Austan Goolsbee, Jeffrey Liebman DA: November 29, 2007 RE: Why the Obama health insurance plan covers more people more rapidly than the Clinton plan does.